Can't find the middle ground between "just draw" and practicing

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  • @TianLian

    Hi I just got 30 just to get the age issue out of the way and I had a friend this year turning 25 and feeling old haha. And my 20s were really rough health wise, I didn’t really get into illustration till 28 after another serious operation. But reflection over my life has fuelled my creative juices. Now I do have plenty of ideas clogging up my brain cells but anyways. I just finished up Posing Characters and the one thing I started to do with my current people sketches, is to add the bean. So what I am saying is take one thing mine was the bean and take that into your work, your just draw work. Now I’m still doing lesson work for this month because Inktober was all about drawing new work everyday. On the ideas part svs has classes, several people use Pinterest, and what do you dream about doing? Which is sort of where the Dream Portfolio comes in. Also what have you enjoyed up till now that can naturally help out a lot.

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