Portfolio Piece WIP Critique Please

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    Working on a new piece for my portfolio, here's what I'd love to focus in on in the critique:

    1.) I plan on pushing back the houses but how far, and do you have any tips on creating perspective lines in photoshop?

    2.) Can you tell that the boy is walking down school bus steps , following the lines of students out to the left? Do you think the slight fish-eye perspective is believable?

    3.) Is it too busy?

    And of course, if you have any other critiques or comments, feel free to share, your feedback is so valuable and thank you so much for taking the time to lend a hand!


    Blayne Fox

  • @Blayne-Fox

    Few things I noticed right away:

    3 dogs heads on the right in the back sit uncomfortably aligned for me at least with the windows and doors of the house behind, even though they are slightly off.

    1. I did see the boy coming off a bus, and I like the perspective like around the corner you've created. However I see the step where the other childs foot steps down on being too far higher than where your main boy is stepping down, that and a bit lacking in depth, drops down - I am trying hard to communicate what I mean sorry.

    Story wise the boy is getting off the bus to find his dog, whose now turned into a dog man - I am really sorry I don't understand. Depending on your story I can't say whether it's too busy or not. Is this related to this months contest?

    Anyways I hope something I said helps, I do find it intriguing especially the perspective. 🙂

  • Hi @Heather-Boyd thanks so much for the critique! The story doesn't have to do with this month's theme, it revolves around a boy who lost his dog and gets off the bus one day to find dog agents greeting him at the bus stop to let him know HIS dog is a missing agent and they need his help to find him. It's a bit harder to show all of this, but the title of the piece will help a bit as it's called "What to Know About Agent Brady".

    I thought something was off about the steps of the bus, thank you for pointing that out! I think the alignment will falter once I push back those houses.

    Thanks for taking the time to critique my work! I really appreciate it!

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