Got a strange email this morning about a book project. Help?

  • I guess I'm just confused because it came out of the blue. I looked at their site, but it doesn't have much on it. I dunno, can you guys tell me what you think? Am I just being paranoid

  • I've received e-mails like this. Rarely do they turn into anything, but it doesn't strike me as particularly suspicious. Congrats on getting noticed.

  • @Perrij I received this exact email!

    There was a bit of back and forth, but I eventually turned them down. They were requesting 1-2 fully finished illustration samples (as in from the story they wanted me to illustrate) for no payment, so I politely declined.

    If there had been more samples of books they'd published on their website I may have been willing to work with them a bit more, but there's really nothing there to go off of.

  • @Braden-Hallett cool, thanks braden. I was thinking that as well

  • I also received a similar email some weeks ago. I forgot to reply but at that time I also thought it sounds a bit suspicious where I couldn't find any books on their website and their Instagram is totally empty.

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