Experience with advertising and self promotion, and not feeling weird about it.

  • Just wondering if anyone has any tips on this. Things that have worked or haven’t worked.
    Do you advertise locally or internet only?
    Do you need to advertise or choose not to?
    Do you sell on Etsy?
    Personally, I’ve found commissions and enquireys, mainly have come from people finding me on Instagram. I also get some through my wife’s graphic design business.
    I recently thought I’d try a paid repost on Instagram, on an illustration sharing account. (These types of accounts have more exposure, like hundreds of thousands of followers. )
    I initially thought it had generated a few enquiries but when I look at the date on the messages and emails they had come in rather randomly about three days before, all on the same day.
    Also if anyone has any tips for how not to feel weird about promoting or advertising your artwork, or even talking about it in a business way, I’d love to know your thoughts.

  • @peteolczyk

    Not really. Not yet. Do people email or message you on Instagram for commissions? And you have set rate or? Before the year ends I’ll need to get into more awareness on the business side of things. So I don’t feel like sail less ship in a winter storm.

  • @Heather-Boyd Hi Heather it seems about 50/50 enquiries between direct messages on Instagram or emails. The emails tend to be more likely to lead to a commission, I don’t know why. Maybe sometimes some people are just kind of window shopping when they send an Instagram message.

  • @Heather-Boyd I feel like a rubber dingy in the ocean😆

  • @peteolczyk Hi.

    Look I watch and listen to Gary Vaynerchuck content a lot and all you need to know is in there. The problem is, there is so much content! Seriously, is possibly the person who more content has online.
    You can find him everywhere, he doesn't make any friction with users, his content is on video, podcast, and writing, and any relevant platform and some that are not relevant.

    I recommend the most in his youtube channel GaryVee, in "list of reproduction" section, look for "Gary Vaynerchuk keynote speeches".

    So there's my two cents. I hope it helps!

    Have a great day!

  • @Samu thanks Samu I’ll have a look

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