2019 First Illustration Portfolio in Progress

  • Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on my first illustration portfolio.
    Right now, I have 14 pieces that I think I could use in a portfolio. Since there are still a couple more months in the year, I think I could add in a couple more new pieces to fill in gaps if necessary. Do you think these pieces mesh well together cohesively?

    Also, I was originally trying to meet requirements by the end of the year of @Lee-White 's Children's Book Portfolio Perfection list, but I think I don't have nearly enough representation at this point.

    Lastly, if you do not think this portfolio is applicable for Children's book illustration, what kind of art field do you think this would most likely fit into? I'm open to suggestions.

    Thank you for your time! 🙂


  • Also here's one more I did for an SCBWI meeting:

  • Good work! I would say that your style seems to change from piece to piece so it gives your portfolio a student vibe (which I think a lot of us are dealing with.). I do think that most of them are leaning toward childrens book illustration, though, so you're on the right track.

    Who are your influences?

  • @zacharygephardt Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your insight and I'm glad to hear that it seems like I'm going in the right direction. A lot of these pieces are assignments from online classes that I took throughout the year, so I was messing around with styles. Which do you think looks the most professional?

    I think I'm influenced by a lot of different artists, and it seems like the list gets longer every day as I look around at art online and in person, but some examples of specific artists that I have been influenced by for a while are:

    • Rumiko Takahashi - author of Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Urusai Yatsura, etc (Japanese 90's Aesthetic)
    • Hayao Miyazaki (Ghibli)
    • Toshihiro Kawamoto - art and animator director on Cowboy Bebop (love those rich colors against solid black lines in the opening sequence!)
    • Ken Sugimori - art director for Pokemon, finalized art for Pikachu among other characters
    • Bruce Degen - illustrator of the Magic School Bus books (90's)

  • @kanari-illust Hi.

    I'm curious about "@Lee-White 's Children's Book Portfolio Perfection list". Where can I found that list? I think Lee mention it on some of the podcasts?

    I watched Cowboy Beebop time ago. The art was beautiful but the atmosphere was too "blues" for me! especially in the last episodes. And I believe there was this character who enter in the middle of the series, like a redhead cyberhacker kid, it was in Cowboy beebop it isn't? That character was awesome! one of the best on anime. And He or she (I don't remember) appears like in two or three episodes and his father came to take him away. That was like a bad decision. the series lost a lot

    My personal best character on anime is Olivier Mira Armstrong, She's beyond awesome!. And yours?

    Have a great day!

  • @Samu The list is in the podcast notes for "Building a Strong Portfolio"
    Enjoy 🙂

    Yeah you're talking about Ed (Edward). She was a really fun addition to the show and added a good lightness to the dark themes going on in the show. 😊
    Olivier Mira Armstrong is from FMA Brotherhood, right? I still haven't finished the original FMA so I'll have to catch up! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:
    I just finished "Carole and Tuesday", so they're my favorite characters at the moment, although I also really enjoyed Angela's singing VO in the Japanese dub. 😄

  • @kanari-illust "Carole and Tuesday" I just searched it because I don't know this series. I'll watch the first episode to see if I like it, thanks!

    Yeah! I watch twice that series FMAbrotherhood, I didn't watch the first series though, they say that brotherhood follows the manga better and is, in general, a better series so I started with it.

    Did you see Operation Vividred? is awesome, It has some Evangelion influences among others. The animation is mind-blowing!

  • @Samu Hope you enjoy it! I don't know how much is available outside Japan now, but it just finished last week. 🙂
    I don't know Operation Vividred, but I really enjoyed Evangelion (despite it putting me in a bit of a depressing mood after the final episode haha). I'll have to look it up!

  • @kanari-illust I watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles. There are a lot of fan-made pages like horriblesubs that have series that are unreleased in English. But I don't know how is the thing in USA, here in Spain we can download without problem. If you check out these pages inform yourself what sais the law in your country before downloading something

    I watched the trailer and it's certainly not my kind of anime, I'm more a Dragon Ball, One Piece kind of guy, so I'll skip this one 😃 but thank you for the recommendation!

    Operation Vivdred doesn't have the complexity of Evangelion of course, but you'll find common places between the two series. I think you are going to enjoy OV because is a mix between series like this one "Carole and Tuesday" which talks about friendship, etc, and action series like Evangelion. Just watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

    Yeah but did you watch the film "The End of Evangelion"? It is an alternative ending and is so good!!!!!!!!!
    The new architecture film series is also so good, but I recommend to wait for the last movie that is plan for release on 2020.

    Have a nice day!

  • @Samu No problem, everyone's got their own taste. 🙂 I have seen The End of Evangelion but I have not seen the new movies. Did you know that we still have video rental stores here in Japan? Those movies are always out of stock. Eventually I'll get my chance to see them!

    Also, I just made a portfolio website. Thanks to all who replied to this thread. 🙂

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