Monster Project (with Inktober).

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    Monster Project Day 1. Sam's Monster! 5 1/2 years old.

    Snot in his hair, rotten teeth, a bumpy body with 5 circle eyes, ten hands and one foot.

    I couldn't get my scanner to work so this is just a bad photo. As soon as I can get a good PDF, I'll send one to Sam to color. Sorry. technology and I are not friends lately.


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    Day 2 Henry's Monster
    Really skinny body with long hairs growing off it and a big round butt. He has 4 legs and he has one arm with 20 fingers off it and the fingers have fungus growing on them. Also a 3 foot antenna from the top of his head with 5 eyes growing off the sides of it.


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    Ollie's Monster Day 3- a skeleton with a big butt and ugly teeth. He has a scab on his head.


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    Jonathon's Monster. 2 teeth, 2 big oval shaped eyes, big ears, 2 horns, big head, long arms and long legs. (Note: oops. Too many teeth.)


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    Danzig's Monster: Three eyes (one is on the other side of his head, 2 arms on each side, five legs, short with scales. I threw in a little pug and a watermelon, he also likes chicken and corn a lot. The head seems a bit flat and wonky but, he'll liek it because he's 5 years old. 🙂 (my grandson).


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    Got ahead on these so I thought I'd post ahead. Monster project days 5-8.

    5 WIll's monster: big long pointy horns, a big long tail, big wide eyes; a long, long, long tongue, and his feet are really huge, and his claws are really sharp

    6 Charlie's monster: mine is slimy and a long tail and long hair and long eyes and long tummy and 5 arms and 5 legs

    7 Deb’s monster: My monster has one eye, a long nose, 3 very crooked teeth, big hairy arms, short hairy legs and big feet with 2 toes each and they face backwards.

    8 My own concoction on this one. Just playing around while I’m on a roll 🙂

    71930876_10218719327227824_3555508059457454080_o.jpg 71592767_10218719327107821_1416719181906182144_o.jpg 71654815_10218719327187823_3654387273287335936_o.jpg 71900637_10218719329467880_5248582372244324352_o.jpg

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    4 more for the Monster Project; I might be done since I have no more descriptions...or I might just make up my own.

    9 Ian’s Monster: 2 curly horns, round body, 4 tentacle arms, 3 eyes, sharp teeth, a tail with a spiked wrecking ball at the end.

    10 RK’s Monster: (This one is actually from my husband, not a kid 🙂 ) Chubby baby face, needle-like teeth, (evil look), baby body crawling, fingernails on hands are claws, cloven feet, pointy ears, greasy hair, tail like a rat.

    11 Lyla’s monster: A girl monster. She’s small. She has two eyes and they’re crossed. She has a silly smile. She has two short arms. She lives in a tree.

    12 Savannah’s monster: My monster has a giant pumpkin shaped head and a tiny tiny body. It has zigzag hair. It has a bunch of teeth and it’s feet are zigzags. And it is jumping in a swamp.





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    Rylan’s Monster: 10 heads...The heads are a griffin, a dragon, a Phoenix, 3 headed dog, a water mythical creature, unicorn, Pegasus and a moon element. Kind of looks like a dragon body.


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    Marsha, these are so fun! I'm curious where you know so many kids, to get their descriptions. Anyway, I really like seeing these!

  • Wow you knocked these out of the park!

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    @Kat said in Monster Project (with Inktober).:

    Marsha, these are so fun! I'm curious where you know so many kids, to get their descriptions. Anyway, I really like seeing these!

    I announce it on facebook and post the pictures, at first I just had my usual three boys that always participate and their Mom makes T-shirts out of their monsters for them. They tell their friends. I just got a few more yesterday. We'll see if I get enough for the whole month. Also, a couple of adults, my sister and my husband have given me descriptions. I did one myself too 🙂

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    Ah, I see! Well, if you need more maybe let us know on the forums and we can come up with monster descriptions for ya!

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    @Braden-Hallett Thanks, Braden! Some of them get pretty challenging 🙂 Like the 10 headed one!

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    @Kat Good idea!

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    Just realized I posted these on the other thread...oops.

    @TessaW 3 year old Monster Description: 2 eyes. 2 feet. 2 arms. 1 mouth. 3 sharp teeth. No hair. Soft. Eats big food. Poops and pees.

    Adalyns Monster: Polka dots, 2 round eyes, 2 pointy teeth sticking out of her closed mouth, short puffy tail, stubby claws, upside down heart shaped nose, light cheeks, 2 small ears 1 on each side of her circular head, 2 pigtails, an oval body, small rabbit like arms holding a microphone and short fat legs.

    15 Lucy’s monster:
    Teeth shaped eyes, an oval nose, a square shaped body, 6 balloon like legs, 3 circle arms, 2 braids, wearing a small dress, wings like a parrot, small feet, playing a game of tether ball.




  • Yay! I was wondering how you'd do the poop and pee thing. She loved it! My husband thought it was hilarious. 😊 Btw, love the dress on the tether ball monster.

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    @TessaW Thanks! So glad you liked it. I was playing around with a toilet but it was getting complicated 🙂

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    Jack's Monster: Big huge arms out in front of him, can fly with no wings. 40 lights on it. Drinking 6 warm milks from sippy cups, eating a squished apple. Wearing a backpack going to Mrs. Stefanie’s on top of a big huge fire truck.

    I forgot the lights. let's just calll those little dots lights 🙂


    Gabriels'a Monster:

    Unicorn head on a long giraffe neck, cat-like body, tongue sticking out, super long mane and tail and cheetah spots.


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    8 year old: It likes dancing on a dance floor. It's big, fat, and hairy. It has 6 legs and feet. It has 6 antennas with eyes on them, sticking out of it's head.


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    Gabriela’s Monster: A unicorn head with a long neck Like a giraffe, cheetah spots a cat like body, a super long tail and mane and it’s tongue sticking out.


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