Hello from Delaware!

  • Hey Guys,

    I've been an SVS suscriber for about a year now and am just joining the forums. I've drawn for most of my life and took some art classes in college but majored in something entirely different.

    After finding Jake and Will on Youtube almost two years ago, I got the itch to try and push my artwork to a professional level. They both preached that you should pick a path for your artwork and I decided mine was in Childrens Books. (My 16 month old son helped push me in that direction.)
    Here is a sample of my artwork. This was intended for last months Challenge "Superstition" but I was a little late to the draw. I based it off of the superstition that if you say "Rabbit, Rabbit" first thing in the morning of a new month, you will get good luck that whole month. I also thought it would be fun to flip it on it's head and assume rabbits say "Person, Person".


    I look forward to geeting to meet all of you and grow as illustrators together!

  • Hey, welcome! You're from my neck of the woods -- I live in eastern MD.

    Nice take on that superstition. I haven't heard that one before.

  • @TwiggyT Thanks! I'm very familier with Maryland. I went to college at Salisbury U and my parents live in Cecil County.

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