Godzilla Challenger WIP-feedback please

  • Hey guys! Here's some of the Kaijus ready to fight Godzilla, trying to attacking the weak spots that Godz as been showing in the past, please feel to give any critique!

    Resilient, can tolerate extreme heat and cold, very old organism ... relays in senses that are not "normal" ... against Godz close range fighting abilities (judo) his lower body and reach could be and advantage


    Human made?? out of parts to others Kaijus and technology, multiple weapons and mix abilities; agility and speed


    A parasite that is looking for a strong host... the body that he's using could be Godzilla jr or a older son of Godzilla, basically is a "brain " that controls thousands of small parasites, all united.... numbers against strength... mental blast as the other weapon


    Fighting poses
    first encounter
    close range fight
    getting in range

    I'm not planning to add to much color, trying to keep it more in the movement between the monsters
    Feedback more than welcome

  • @Jano I would say that Karada would be the strongest. Primarily because you get more story out of him. I think it would difficult to convey they story of the parasite or the strengths and weakness of Tradigrator. But Karada you can visibly see all of the things you wrote about him.

    Just my thoughts... you could add people cheering for him or tanks backing him up as well. Might be interesting.

  • Love the Tardigrator concept!

  • @Jano I'm a big fan of the tardigrade idea 😃 I may use more of a 3/4 profile shot to really accentuate it's goofy huggable shape (while still featuring that HORRIFYING mess of mouth parts)

  • @theprairiefox thanks, is a really good point...

  • @Braden-Hallett I think that tardigrades are cute, my wife disagree ...gonna follow your advice about the 3/4... thanks..

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