Creative Composition-Forced Perspective advice?

  • Hi all,
    I am new here and am working my way through Creative Composition. I understand the concept behind forced perspective, but having a terrible time with the "mouse looking up at a hot air balloon" prompt. I can get the basket, but what would the balloon above it be doing? I even tried to make a rectangular prism and fit the structure of the hot air balloon inside it, but it just doesn't read right. Does anyone have any advice or an example of how they solved that? Thanks so much!

  • Welcome! I'm not sure if this helps without a visual reference, but just think of the hot air balloon as a sphere (balloon part) with a box (basket) a bit underneath. Then rotate your "camera" with those basic shapes in mind.

    You can always use props if you're really struggling. With the things available in my house - I would grab my globe and a Rubik's cube to move around and get the needed angles. Whatever things you have that are spherical and cube shaped, and about the right sizes, could work.

  • @JerrySketchyArt Thank you so much for responding! That actually helped a lot. I was getting too hung up on the technical process, using a 3rd vanishing point, and it just wasn't reading as a hot air balloon. The props helped me to get the "rules" out of my head and move closer to what it might actually look like. I appreciate it.

  • @JerrySketchyArt Those are such practical suggestions! I've had it on my list to create some basic shapes out of molding clay, which I still hope to do some day. I think manipulating the shapes themselves might help train my eye.

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