Weekly art prompts on Twitter!

  • Hi all,
    Just wanted to point you all to a few weekly art prompts over on Twitter if you weren't aware of them already, they have a big audience and are a lot of fun to take part in to keep you drawing and being imaginative!
    1. Colour Collective - @Clr_Collective
    A new colour each week that you incorporate into your illustration

    2. Animal Alphabets - @AnimalAlphabets
    A new animal to illustrate each week, sometimes they do mythical creatures or fictional animals to mix it up a bit!

    3. Sketch Dailies - @Sketch_Dailies
    A random thing/place/character to sketch each day! It can literally be a sketch or a finished piece if you're a wizard at producing finished pieces in one day 😃

    They're probably on Instagram and Facebook too if you don't have Twitter 🙂 Anyways, they're cool and thought I'd spread the word! Hope you're all having a great day x

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