Haldo All

  • Haldo,

    Been watching Jake and Will's youtube channels for a while. Didn't even realize they were working together till I caught up on some of their later videos. Gonna check out some of the courses they are offereing, am always looking to learn more. I like all types of art and creating 3d, traditional, digital, illustration and storyboards. Want to follow the path of Jake and Will and start working on my own business more instead of creating stuff for other people!

    my site is http://sajin0084.wix.com/benpipers

    and I ope to improve on it!
    Looking forward to getiing to know everyone.


  • Saw your site--love it. Makes me wonder what RPG you were working on...

    If I could offer a single suggestion--take the color and light class. (Assuming you have subscribed to SVS?). Then take the children's class. It will help leaps and bounds on your craft, and help you make money on your own instead of having to always take jobs from clients..

  • Hi Ben,

    thanks for sharing your site. I really like your colors in the Splash illustration-- really grabbed me. Looking forward to seeing more.


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