Chat room for artists

  • A while back someone posted about wanting a chat room available for the artists here to talk to each other. This was also discussed privately as well.

    If anyone has an interest I installed a very simple chat room on one of my sites. It is free to use, no signup required, nothing is tracked, I make no money from this, etc. it’s just a chat room people can use if they want and it costs me nothing whether you use it or not since I share a server for a number of websites.

    You do have to pick a nickname to enter or you are assigned “anonymous #”.

    Save the link, post the link, whatever you want. If people seem like they want to use it I can easily create a more full featured chat.

  • Thanks a lot for the link !
    Personally I find chat less intimidating than forum somehow (don't ask me why 😃 )
    See you around!

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