Watercolor sketch

  • I think working on traditional watercolor will help me to be more decisive on color choice.
    Here my 30-45 mins sketch, I lost control over the white part! It's quick and pretty fun! sorry for the bad camera it's supposed to be a bit brighter.

  • Good work 🙂 I'm going to start painting a lot more than I do now. I find it a lot more fun and have a lot more of a connection to my work when I work traditional than digital.


  • Nice study. I would darken up the inside of the bottom bowl which should make the white of the upper bowl "pop" more. You could darken the shadow under the bottom bowl as well. Just some thoughts.

    I'm working on a couple of water color pieces that I'm hoping to share with the group soon to get your thoughts. I love the smell, feel, and textures using traditional media.

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