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  • Crit is good. I appreciate it, so please do give it!

    Just a little backstory, I'm recycling some characters and continuing a story from last year. Nothing super profound, unless you think meandering around for no reason is one of those profound things to do.

    Day 1: 0_1539660878978_e3047cc2-bd78-45f5-bbf7-ead8fed5e5a0-image.png

    "Ormund staggered back, balancing himself with his hand. He slipped a little, having planted his palm on a small cylinder that was lying on a nearby console. Turns out it was an auto-syringe used for maintenance on hydraulics, a fact he discovered when he swiveled and swung it into his assailant's hood."

  • Day 2:

    "Ormund felt a little sick. (or as sick as a machine can feel) He rummaged around for a cord, cinched on a strong spot, then vaulted into the tranquil night."

  • Day 3:


    "Ormund landed from his escape into what appeared to be a clearing. Blindly, he dashed through the woods until he noticed an eerie green flame dancing under another smaller clearing. He crept through the brush to take a closer look at the fire, noticing a small rodent of some sort roasting rather unevenly in the flames."

  • Day 4:


    "Ormund made a move towards the fire, merely meaning to move the nearly-charred morsel back from the strange flames. His helping gesture was interrupted by a root which lashed itself around his leg; It appeared that his gesture had not been taken too kindly to."

  • Day 5:


    ...I decided to take a break from storybuilding. It was in an effort to balance my class workload and continue, buuut I still ended up falling quite behind in the challenge. Still catching up now.

  • Day 6:


    "Before Ormund knew it, the roots from the nearby tree and lashed him and suspended his body a little ways off the ground. His assailant stepped into the firelight, and made her way over, kneeling and manipulating the roots with her strange magic. The witch gestured and out of the ground snaked a tapered tip, which she then began to bring closer to a little gap that had been left in Ormund's restraints. He looked around, hoping for someone to stumble on by, but he noticed a looming silhouette instead. The tapered root stopped, for the witch had noticed a big glob of saliva in her periphery..."

  • Day 7:


    Another break. I was very much creatively exhausted by this day, because finals week was upon me and so was a mounting pile of Inktober work 😃

  • Day 8:


    "Ormund and the witch fled from the fire and their altercation; running together through the growth despite their firey introduction to each other. After a while their eyes adjusted to the dim forest, illuminated by the starlight above"

  • Day 9:


    "Ormund was quick, though for all of his witty maneuvers through the branches and undergrowth he couldn't hope to evenly match the speed of the woodland creature pursuing them. Little by little it gained traction throughout the chase, until suddenly it broke through Ormund's panicked tunnel vision with a rending swipe at his side. Ormund wasn't truly hurt by the slash- the beast was clumsy despite its undoubted familiarity with the forest land- but Ormund still cringed at the sundering of his precious vest."

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