Critique and contest update

  • Hey, y'all!
    You may not remember, but I had previously posted about foreshadowing in an illustration without creating an eye trap and about a critique with a Scholastic art director. Well, here's the update: The critique went well and it was awesome to be surrounded by other artists asking questions and giving advice/opinions. That's not to say it wasn't daunting and that the skies opened and the angels sang, but it was such a cool experience!! As for the contest, I did not win, and that's okay, too. The winner was deserving and the competition was fierce. It was wonderful to see my work hanging in a public venue and to have people tell me they enjoyed it. I even had several people tell me they wanted to take my critique piece home! I was hoping to meet @Lee-White in person. Maybe next year. 🙂0_1537230922591_emma (2).jpg Contest piece.

  • 0_1537231674592_Meredith Pinkstone resized.jpg
    Critique piece.

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