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  • Hi everyone. It has been a long time since last time that I posted. I was wondering what you all think of this painting that I just "finished". I am one of those people that get stuck in always sketching and never finishing anything so I am trying to work on that . Finished not Perfect, right? Any way I would love some feed back. (some real feedback) Thank you.

  • Hi Mandy! Love it! Really like the color palette and the mood. The colors are circulated well and that bird is a nice touch as it balances out the directional force created by the boy, girl, and cat leading us to the right. The expressions are lovely too.

    My critique is mainly about balancing out your rendering a bit.

    1. You've given the cat a simple shading structure, but everything else is unshaded. Think about if this difference is intentional and works for the piece as a whole.

    2. You've balanced the line weights on the boy very well so he reads clearly. The girl is not treated similarly. Her linework is much more delicate, and the dark and heavy linework on the right side of the tire and her saturated boots demands even more attention away from her. The tire is already a dark shape on a white background, so I feel it doesn't need the heaviest line weight of the whole piece. If you played with the linework on the girl more, and demphasized the tire linework, and perhaps saturated her shirt a little, she's shine more as a focal point and balance out the heavy visual emphasis created by the tire linework and the boots.

    Those are my thoughts! Overall, you've made a really lovely illustration. Great job on getting one done. I know your struggle of never seeming to finish anything. I've been working on that as well for the past year. Good luck! May this be one of many finished pieces to come!

  • @tessaw Thank you for your feedback. I agree with all that you said. At the moment none of the linework was intentional. I am working on reworking some of it and I will pay more attention to the line weight and the rendering. Thank you again.

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