"FUN" Drawing Exercises

  • Hey there I've got a topic for discussion. Are there any drawing exercises that you like doing, or that made practicing not really feel like practice. I for one am currently practicing shading, so of course in come the spheres and cubes. I know it's important and I wanna do it, but it's getting tedious. Do I need to push through, or is there something to spice it up? Any other fundamental practice exercises that you guys like?

  • @leothejediartist For fun I like to shade in a whole page of sketchbook in really light tone then pick out shapes in the texture to shade in progressively darker tones and see what appears over time . Or take a line for a wander around a page then shade in the shapes seeing what I can turn them into.

    I find it relaxing but it also practices tonal values & imagination.

  • I'm afraid there's no way around the tedious part...but may be practicing with different tools can help you find fun in the tedious? shade with colored pencils or charcoal on white paper, with pastels on toned paper. my only advice though is to use materials that won't slow down your main goal which is to improve shading.

    your shading will improve when your drawing improves. do you have the book Michael Hampton figure drawing design and invention. there are some fun exercises like this one leading to the more complex shapes.


  • Oh yes. I work a desk job and I doodle all the time. I tend to begin all my doodles with any crazy scribble my hand randomly draws and then I build it from there. I'm sure the boss must see them at times and probably wonders about me.

  • When I'm doing shading exercises, on simple forms, I think it's fun to make a character with those shapes. Legos and mine craft are good to start with because they are very geometric. You could also make up your own. However, if you are struggling with any of the shading concepts, I would work up to that.

  • @heidigfx I'll have to check out that book from the library 😀 thanks. Guess I'm just gonna have to dig down and do it lol

  • @tessaw I never thought of Legos 🤔I like that idea.

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