Looking for a good example of "drawing through"

  • Hey friends... as I've mentioned previously, I'm going to be teaching a basic drawing class through the local continuing education program this fall. The class won't start for almost a month but I'm getting stuff ready now. 🙂

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an example openly available online (I will credit the artist, obviously) where an artist shows a sketch alongside a final where they did what the SVS teachers call "drawing through". I'm not sure what terms to search for to find it (nobody else seems to call it "drawing through") and don't have the time to click randomly through different artists sites hoping to find what I want--so I thought I'd ask.

    And yes, I do plan to show them how to do it myself and I could create the example, but I think its valuable to be able to show them what it looks like when someone other than their teacher does something, if that makes sense. They're going to see a lot of how I draw and I was hoping to give them a look at how someone else does it, is all. If not I'll work with what I've got.

  • I found this image on instagram 0_1534998546436_ccb5f7e6-62cc-4f85-801c-09660af6e18c-image.png

    I have an idea that may be useful too. do before and afters. if you can find random drawings, or ask the students to bring some of their old art, and do draw overs to show them how drawing through will make a big difference.

  • Here's some examples with still life set ups and with objects. It doesn't show a side by side, though.

    0_1535051929845_Ctrl Paint Form 1.jpg

    0_1535051948030_Ctrl Paint Form 2.jpg

    0_1535051965256_Ctrl Paint Form 5.jpg

    0_1535051986444_Ctrl Paint Form 3a.jpg

  • These are awesome! Keep them coming! Thanks, all. I knew they were out there but my tired brain didn't know where to look or what terms to search for. These are great!

  • here's one with famous characters. You could probably find the original images quickly from a google search. Or see if people can recognize them.

    0_1535055041038_Ctrl Paint Form 6.jpg

  • Nice! Thanks so much, these are perfect.

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