The Learning Curve

  • The learning curve is just a part of life and there is no way around it. BUT, with good – no, make that GREAT – teachers we get to navigate that curve with more confidence and can actually come out of that curve without losing control and running off the road.
    It is everyone’s story.
    For me, specifically, I have gone through that learning curve and come out unscathed numerous times. In jobs, in personal relationships, in driving, camping, raising children, learning a musical instrument, and, for the sake of this forum, even in art.
    Early on it was drawing skills. You pick up a pencil, you draw your friend in class, the other kids say how cool it looks and you feel good. Then the teacher notices you have skills and shows you how to improve them.
    Then it is painting skills. The learning curve is there for every medium. Knowing acrylic is different than knowing oils, etc.
    Now it is digital skills. Professionally I work in audio. In my work I have had the learning curve of working with quarter inch tape, reel-to-reel recorders, record cutting lathes,… you name it, it’s been part of what I had to become proficient at in order to keep working.
    Then, when digital audio became a “thing,” it was like starting over. AND, just because I mastered ONE software program did not mean I automatically could work in the other programs. EACH ONE HAD A LEARNING CURVE AND THERE WAS ALWAYS A TEACHER TO HELP ALONG THE WAY.
    That teacher could have been in the room with me, or in a book, or in a video, or even on the phone. But, there was ALWAYS a teacher.
    Even in art I remember struggling with pastels. Then I stood and watched a brilliant pastel artist rendering a magnificent portrait in an art store. Just WATCHING him taught me skills I still use to this day.
    So, in digital art, that same learning curve is, once again, a reality. AND, once again I have stumbled upon some great teachers.
    Maybe you saw this coming. This is a ‘Thank-you’ note to SVS.
    You three guys, and the guest teachers I have watched and listened to through your video lessons, have helped me navigate my most recent learning curve and, for that, I wanted to thank you.
    For the three men we see the most of, Will Terry, Jake Parker, and Lee White, you guys are all amazing artists and great teachers. For Will, specifically, THANK YOU for taking your time and teaching in the slow and methodical way that you do. I’ve read some of the comments on YouTube complaining about going too long. Well, for me, I learn nothing from those teachers that rush through or neglect to mention things (like the sound in the background that you verbally say is you hitting “Control Z”).
    Speaking of going long, I guess I just went long, myself, with this letter.
    But I wanted you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. I guess I could have just typed that!
    Thank you.
    P.S.- To all the artists in this forum, I must say that I am ALSO learning from all of you. Hopefully my own posts have also given a little something in return.

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