Question about- Submitting illustration on Storybird or Storyweaver

  • Hi, few years back I came across this website called Storybird, where illustrators submitted their illustrations, and people visiting the website can use those to create their stories. After that, Storyweaver came up, it is more or less an Indian version of Storybird.

    At the time of its creation Storyweaver conducted a contest named #6 frame story challenge. They gave some words from which the participant has to come up with a story, and illustrate that story in just 6 frames. The participant had to submit the psd files. They mentioned that the works were taken under creative commons license and anywhere the illustration will be used, proper credit would be given. I participated in it.

    Afterwards, I was sceptical, I felt that it was just creating a huge library of images without paying anything to the creator. So I didn't participate in any other challenge they conducted.

    But now, I am coming across many new illustrators who got break from these platforms. So I would like to know if anyone here has any idea about these platforms. Is it alright to upload works here, hoping to get break in publishing?

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