Human Anatomy

  • Hello, guys!

    This is the point of my life that I have to take my drawing skills more seriously and study human anatomy. The best thing for me, it would be to have access at a figure drawing class, but, unfortunately, I can't! I can't have access to a paid course either..

    So, is there any other way I can learn and practice anatomy?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Are you able to buy a book or two?

  • Yes, if you have any good in mind! 🙂

  • Not a course, but Pixel Lovely is a website that cycles through donated and stock photos of people in different poses and you can select different options (nude, clothed, male, female, duration of the slides). The best place I've found for free, live figure drawing, is in a mall across from an Apple store. But, I can pretty much promise you won't be able to find a nude model there.

  • Great source! Thanks a lot 😃

  • Ok. My suggestion is to pick up Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing: Design and Invention and work through that book. It teaches you to how to break down the body and understand it in more simplified forms first. Comparable books are Gottfried Bamme's "Complete Guide to Life Drawing" and Andrew Loomis "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth". There are many more, but try to find a book that teaches you how to break things down. I think it's also good to have a second book on hand that has detailed drawings of the anatomy to cross reference against the theory book. The book I have is "The Human Figure: An Anatomy for Artists" by David K. Rubins. It just complements the first book and helps to clarify what's going on with the muscles. As you work through your book of choice, also find corresponding Proko videos on youtube.

    I'd also suggest to learn gesture drawing before you get too far, and to warm up your figure drawing studies with gestures first. Maybe a 10-15 minute warm up doing gestures that are 30 sec up to 2 minutes. Youtube has videos of nude models posing for the purpose of figure drawing. Croquis Cafe is a good channel. Draw This has clothed or semi clothed models.

    And if you haven't studied perspective or learning how to construct drawings using simple 3D forms, I'd highly encourage you to brush up on these subjects. They will help you immensely with figure drawing. has a lot of good figure drawing information as well, and also focuses on helping you break down anatomy into simplified ideas.

  • @christina-kal Proko's free videos on youtube

  • And even though you said you couldn't take a paid course, I'd still keep Proko's paid courses in mind, in case you can save up. They just do such an amazing job.

  • Well, yes Proko's free videos are very helpful! Thanks a lot @rcartwright !

    @TessaW Thank you very much for the great resources you provided!

  • @Christina-Kal There is an app called MagicPoser by Wombat Studio, Inc. 53.8MB. It's a Pose tool for artists. You can test the whole version out 7 days free and get a lesser version for free, and pay the full price (not sure roughly 6-15$ if I recall). When I work with people, I will probably buy its entirety. It has updated (the full version) with props but its cool you can be flexible, rotate, see different lighting, and combing figures. 4.4 Star rating. I use an Ipad Mini.

    Check out
    Even their videos can really help.

    🙂 Heather B.

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