Seeking advice on an upload schedule for my comic book.

  • I have been working my new original comic book, Battle Chronicles for a few months and just recently purchased and created my website through SquareSpace. Currently, I upload 2 pages every Friday, but I am wondering if I should change my strategy?

    Here is a little background information on what I have done so far:
    Issue I (34 Pages+Cover) - All pages available for free since I started my website in June.
    Issue II (22 Pages+Cover) - Finished and currently being uploaded two pages at a time every Friday.
    Issue III (24 Pages+Cover) - Drawn and inked, need to be colored and lettered.
    Issue IV (24 Pages+Cover) - Currently writing and working on thumbnails.

    Should I change things up, or just stay the course? I am still new to this, but I just want to make sure that I am constantly self-evaluating and pushing myself for the best results!

    Here are the covers for Issue I and II:
    0_1530371933412_BC_Post_1_000.png 0_1530371939070_BC_Post_2_000.png

    If you would like to read more here is the link:

    Thank you for taking a look!