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  • Hello,
    I've been working on a painting in Photoshop CS3; it has many layers and I've saved, opened and closed the file many times for a few days. But today when I tried to open the file, although the preview (where you choose which file name and file type to open) displayed my latest combined image (all layers combined, looking like a complete painting), when I opened it, it has only one layer; the whole page is black and on a background layer. Does anyone have this experience or might be able to take a guess what happened, or whether it is possible to recover my work? I'm pretty sure I did not delete all the layers or painted a whole page black before I saved it last.
    Thank you so much!

  • @lisa-ngan so when you went to open the file what type of file did it say it was? A .psd ? Because it sounds like maybe when the file was saved last the format may have been switched to something other than a psd. There is a little tic box in the 'save as' window that allows you to save without layers...
    Have you tried switching your workspace back to default ? I'm at a loss, I can't seem to recreate it in my CS3, sorry ,Chris

  • @c-davies Thank you for stopping by! Yes it is still a psd file. I tried to open my other psd files and had no problems. I just tried to change the workspace to default as well but it's the same. Thank you!

  • It sounds like at some point the layers may have been flattened.

    If you would like to place the file on a googledrive or dropbox and PM me a link, I would happily take a look at it.

  • @lisa-ngan Sounds like the file got corrupted at some point, usually this happens if the program crashes as it is saving. If you have windows file recovery turned on then you can probably find a way to revert it back to how it was, but it might he that you will have to use an earlier save (if you made incremental saves).

    I hope you can find a way to fix it and if something else comes to mind i'll let you know

  • @jimsz Will do , thank you!

  • @gary-wilkinson Thank you! I will find out how to do that.

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