Yesterday Subscribed - Started "How to Draw Everything"

  • Hello! My name is Heather. 🙂 I have been looking for a drawing and painting teaching and community for feedback for over a year. I looked into Paintable but they do digital and I need a combination of traditional and digital.

    A little about me: 28 and graduated from an Art & Art History program in Canada and specialised in Print Making and Photography. I was interested in Art Therapy for the longest time, tied into my own personal health issue but made the commitment to work towards Illustration over a year ago.

    I am very happy to have found this community of like minded individuals. I am a very creative person and find many outlets to be creative. Currently besides this, I am writing a story and designing a game.

    I just started "How to Draw Everything" yesterday, this is my progress so far:


    0_1526488603860_Skull Image.jpeg

    I hope these images come out. First time issues, lols.

    NOTE: Skull is drawn from a current game I am playing "SpellSouls".


  • @heather-boyd Hi Heather, good luck with taking the "How to Draw Everything" course. Having a quick look at your sketches I would say to try and be a bit more loose with your initial sketch and try to aim at making long flowing lines rather than short strokes. Looking forward to see how you progress 🙂

  • Greetings from a Canadian

  • @gary-wilkinson Thank you. I normally sketch at first and my drawing style is very sketchy lols. But my understanding of contour lines from the exercises was not to sketch them out. I definitely struggle with long flowing lines. Any advice on working on this?

  • @rcartwright Thank you. 🙂

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