Portfolio website Theme

  • Hi all, I wonder if anyone could recommend a good portfolio theme for Wordpress. The ones that they offer for free are nice but I keep finding little issues in each, especially when going back and forth between devices. For instance I had a theme called 'hero' worked great on the desktop but viewing it on the iPhone it was really hard to scroll through the images. I tried another that had a nice grid layout on the desktop but then on the smaller devices all the grid turned into tiny images, which was lame. The one I have now will only show the post as an image if I select it as a featured image and then if you go into the post it has a banner partially over the image. Getting frustrated. I just want to find a clean minimal theme for portfolio, blog and contact. Thanks Chris

  • I was using Illustratr before I switched to self-hosted. I like it better than the theme I paid money for.

  • I remember it wasn't easy for me to find a good theme. In the end the best match for me was Sketch. Good luck with Wordpress! 🙂

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