Marco Bucci Digital Painting 3?

  • I noticed on Marco's website that there is a pre-order option for digital painting 3. Is there a chance that this will be coming to svs subscribers? I love his work and it would be pretty awesome to see another one of his tutorials on here!

  • That would be nice I bought his brush work videos a few months ago and I also had two of my images critiqued by him and it was well worth the money

  • @rcartwright Did you get him to crituq your work through his website or a course?

  • @gary-wilkinson Through his website. It is a $100 per image. I had two images done after you send in the images it takes about 10 days he returned me a number of short videos on each piece totaling about an hour. There was a paint over and a lecture were he also references master artist images to further demonstrate his points. He also included some videos from his CGMA class which is cool because I would love to take that course if I had the time.

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