Workspace chairs and tables

  • I find that sitting and painting on a tablet all day can be quite uncomfortable if you don't have a good chair to sit at or a table that gives enough support, so I want to look at getting some new furniture for my workspace. Does anyone have any good recommendations for chairs or work desks that they can enjoy sitting at for most of the day?

  • I got one of the Quantum 9000 series (yes, it is hilariously ridiculous that they are named that) chairs from OfficeMax and I really like it. The model I chose is all mesh including the seat. It has made a world of difference to have a decent chair. They are rated for 8+ hours a day and I am not sore after long periods sitting in it.

  • Also, I have a kneeling chair that I switch to sometimes, and that is helpful too.

  • @eli htnaks for the info! never used a kneeling chair before. Is that good for posture?

  • I think they are good for posture. They seem to take some of the pressure off of your back, and they make it hard to slouch or hunch over your work.

  • I just got a Serta (brand chair) for a gift and it is amazing how much better my back feels after a few hours of painting. I also stand up a lot when I'm doing rough sketches on my tablet ( I also have a standing desk which is great for switching it up after sitting for a few hours)

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