Corel painter 2018

  • Any of you used the program?
    I’m pulling my hair out trying to find a good watercolour brush

    ; wet fringe
    ; ability to bleed.... but....
    ; ability to dry brush
    ;really shows the texture of the watercolour paper

    I know you can’t find all this in one brush but the defaults are just too smooth.

    Any ideas?

    Back in painter ix I bought a brush pack and it had a textured eraser which did the job.

    Happy to buy a pack if it’s the right thing

  • I use it Andy ,but I dont really like their watercolour brushes either so cant help you.I will have another look and see which is the best.

  • Hi there I had a look at the brushes they are better than I remember. I like the Fractual Wash it is quite textured.Also if you go over your paint with Watercolour -Eraser salt it gives a really nice effect you can adjust the salt grains to the size you want. I dont know what kind of effect you are looking for so it is hard to advise.

  • @dottyp thats brill. I've been doing some more digging around and was going to put on here about the splatter and the fractal variants. I will have a proper play later and if its what i want will put an image up here. thankyou 😃

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