• Hi everyone -

    I just got an iPad Pro (woo hoo! So excited) and I'll definitely be getting Astropad ( since Photoshop is my program of choice.

    There seems to be two options: a standard and then a studio professional version. I'm wondering who here uses Astropad with their iPad Pro and which version you use? Do you have any recommendations? There's a free trial for the studio version (which I'll definitely try out!) but not one for the standard. I assume they want you to try the studio one since they're hoping to get you hooked on that one.

    If anyone has used the standard version, I'm interested to know if you find it to be robust enough for you and if you miss having any additional features that would be in the studio version. I'm already thinking that just from the sounds of it I'll most likely prefer the studio simply because there's keyboard support and a bunch of options for shortcuts. I may be wrong on this, but then does that mean the standard has NO shortcut features and therefore you have to use the pencil to navigate through menu options to change between tools, etc.? If so, that's a huge hinderance to my workflow.

    Anyway - just wondering what your thoughts are if you do use Astropad! And regardless of version, I'd love to know how you like it overall. Thanks!

  • I've used astropad in the past and it worked as advertised. When I used it the ipad pro was not yet available so much has changed since then.

    My only issue now is that the pro version is yet another rental your software scheme. I really hate that.

  • @jimsz Yeah the subscription model is why I'm so hesitant about getting the Studio version - but I'm thinking it may be necessary for a seamless workflow. It's already priced a fair bit more than the standard - yet they had to go and make it a yearly charge on top of that 😕

  • @danettedraws And remember subscription prices only go up, never down.

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