Practice after Mixed Media course

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    Here is digital painting #4…I set myself this task to put into practice the techniques in Will Terry’s Mixed Media course…being so new to digital painting I found the course really helpful, especially because I love the watercolour/pencil look, it’s what I’ve been concentrating on in my previous traditional work and I don’t want to lose that when switching digital.

    So I’ve been working on this and wondering whether I should stop now and/or is there stuff to fix. Thoughts?


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    I'm working on a piece that has a dragon too! 🙂

    I'm liking the texture on that dragon. And I can really sense his/her curiosity about the mouse through the pose.

    I'd say that the shadows on the ground under the dragon could be bumped up a notch. And the contact shadows right under the dragon's feet could be bumped up even more than that.

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    Thankyou @shinjifujioka that is really helpful! I will bump up those shadows as you suggest. Dragons are one of my favourites to design, so many options for style and colour and atmosphere.. will look forward to seeing yours too 🙂

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    I really like the character design of both your dragon and the little mouse. There is a playful and curious dog-like quality to the dragon I really respond pleasantly too. I think you were able to take the watercolor texture and apply it onto the dragon in a way that feels very much like it was done traditionally. Nice work!

  • love the way you handle the color and paint and the dragon is so cute!.

  • This is god damn gorgeous!


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    @Rich-Green @Naroth-Kean and @Ace-Connell thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. I've been trying for so long to find a way of painting that captures the images in my head, in the way I want them to. So much frustration along the way! (especially with capricious watercolour) But combined with digital might just be the way forward...will just have to keep drawing 🙂

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    Love this! Such fun characters. I love the dragon's expression. The first thing I noticed, which has already kind of been mentioned, Is that the color of the dragon's belly is very similar to the color of the ground. I feel it would communicate better that it is a separate object if the color on one or the other was changed.

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    Thanks @Sarah-LuAnn for the feedback, much appreciated 🙂 I'm going to tweak it this evening and see what I can do.

  • @Dulcie Lovely work. It's so playful and I like the water colour textures.

  • This is so great. I love the mouse character. The dragon has a very "Dino" (Flintstones) look to him/her.

  • oh yeah! wonderful! As said earlier, you could work on the shadow on the ground. Lights and shadows a bit...It really speaks gorgeous!

  • Very gorgeous rendering, terrific character design, sweet composition !

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    Thank you @Nightseye @mattramsey @Leontine for your thoughts and encouragement, it's really nice to know when you're on the right track! I've deepened the shadows on the ground and contact shadows, hope that helps separate the tummy from the ground a bit more... I think I'm done now.

    @mattramsey yes I can see what you mean about the 'Dino' look - it was going to be a green dragon but that didn't work against the foliage.


  • Wonderful! It just screams for a short story. I am so curious of what happens next. Is the mouse running of of will he throw a stick? ...Than the dragon is really going to make some pits into the soil...XD

  • @Dulcie The delicate inquisitive look that the mouse has really is perfect.


  • @Dulcie I got a huge grin on my face after seeing your beautiful illustration this morning! I'm tickled that my class helped - it feels very tradtional!

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    this is so amazing! the expressions are fantastic! you could always go red or blue if you want to avoid Dino, but i love the purple so i think it's great!! making the nose skinnier would pull away from that as well 🙂 he's just too cute to mess with in my opinion hehe

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    @Leontine I haven’t decided what happens next (maybe I should decide!) but my thoughts are that the dragon has just woken up from a loooong hibernation, and everything is new and amazing.

    @Ace-Connell Thank you 🙂

    @Will-Terry Thank you, I’m delighted that it made you smile.

    @Lynn-Larson I agree that red and blue are also great colours for a dragon, and also yes about the nose, I like dragons with pointy noses too. I will draw more dragons! So many possibilities…

  • This is gorgeous! I love the style, the story and the characters. I'm also really coveting your background & foliage skills! 🙂

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