New piece for my nephew...

  • Hi All,

    Haven't been on the forum in a while - (non art based) day job keeps getting in the way!

    Currently working on a new piece for my 6 month old nephew. His room is decorated with a safari theme, and so I thought I'd do something including my own characters Steve McBear (the bear), George Thomas Nuts (the squirrel) and Oliver Quakeson (the duck) meeting some new friends whilst on an adventure...

    Very much a work in progress at the moment, but wanted to post something anyway.


  • Making some progress... Big weekend of rendering and detail work ahead.


  • And it's off to the printers!!! Gone for a giclée art print on Hahnemühle Pearl paper...

    A number of things to work on for next time, but I'm adopting Jake's motto of "Finished, Not Perfect".


  • Your nephew will love it! Well done!

  • @eli Thanks very much! 🙂

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