character design

  • for an client I've designed four characters for DISC. profile types, and these are designed for young teenagers. please comment...

    D=Dominance (Red)
    I=Influence (Yellow)
    S=Steadiness (Green)
    C=Conscientious (Blue)

    leontine disc D.jpg leontine disc I.jpg leontine disc S.jpg leontine disc C.jpg

  • These are really great! Really appealing


  • @Ace-Connell tnx Ace!

  • I really like the design and it goes well with the words! great job. Maybe you can push red a just a bit more because she seems to have less contrast compared to others.

  • I like this style of art and I think you did a good job. One crit on the art would be: look at the difference in the nose shading on the second (Yellow) illustration compared to the others. The Yellow nose is fantastic however the shadow on the Blue and the Red (especially on the Red) appears to make the nose flat/stubby.

    In general though (and maybe I'm not understanding the point) but I don't get a sense that the characters match the character traits. I can see where maybe the Blue character would be "conscientious" (glasses/hand gesture) but I don't immediately get a sense of what it is about the other characters that make them represent, for example, Dominance.

    Maybe the Red character could be folding her arms and have a determined look on her face?

    Again, I might be missing the point so take these crits with a grain of salt.

    EDIT: Influence could have the kid waving someone to come follow and his body might be slightly turned as if to go somewhere. Steadiness might have have his hands on his hips...not sure what expression he should have.
    You could push the concept of Conscientious by adding a pencil above her ear and maybe a "list" of something in her hand with the book. Just some ideas.

  • I really like the textures and values. I assume this is for some kind of educational purpose and meant to be subtle and non confrontational. I think they are well done.

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