SVS Inktober Thread

  • @craigrussellart Thank you! It's actually all ink! I made an earlier post on the forum about my supplies here

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    My second prompt was "peach harvest". Go ahead and leave me your own prompt if you want here:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.26.12 PM.png

  • @audrey-dowling said:

    I have a technical question: when you do washes and solid lines on the same illustration, do you do the washes first than the lines or vice-versa?

    @Jonathon-B Some little tips with washes and ink:

    • Micron pens don't smear with water so use them first then add washes. BUT if your pens smear, then do lines after the washes.

    • Take note of the drying time of your washes. Easy way to avoid botchy area is to wet the area first with just water, then add the ink or watercolor.

    Coincidentally, I posted progress shots on my Instagram today. Another great tip is to work small, it's easier to control washes. Hope this helps!

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    Inktober Day Two. The Dragon Rider. There are species of dragons that do not breathe fire or have wings. The Eastern Blue Dragon is among the rarest of those. While mild in temperament, centuries of dragon hunting have made them quite fearful of humans and they will lash out if cornered. The blue diamond embedded in the forehead of the Eastern Blue is said to be one of the most powerful magical objects known to the world. A single blue diamond can power a small city for a century. The most common use however, is in weapons manufacturing; more specifically, in the forging of Legendary Blades.

    While their fashion sense is a little odd, the Dragonite clan has gained the trust of the Eastern Blue, and the two species have formed a symbiotic relationship; the Dragonite mages provide firepower (a blue flame that the dragons are immune to) while the Eastern Blue is able to provide blinding speed and fearsome physical prowess.

    Dragon Rider 72 dpi 1200x1200.jpg

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    Amazing work guys! I almost didn't get mine in today...rough day at work made it a struggle, but i got it done! There is a very cool dead tree i drive by quite often, I tried to do it justice 🙂

    Can't wait to see tomorrow's offerings!

  • This thread is awesome. Everyone is so unique.

    I only had 10 minutes this morning to fit it in before my daughter woke up, then we're out for the day so I kinda rushed and feel a little disappointed about that, but I like the idea. I played on the name tiger shark and made it's patterns more like a real tiger and had it playing with a ball of yarn like a cat. I'll have longer tomorrow.



  • Most of you have seen this guy already but here he is done in ink (BIC pen) for day #3.

  • @joyce_carmo said:

    @audrey-dowling you definitely looks less clueless than me. Your scene looks amazingly complex and detailed. Very nice.

    It's only recent! I'm trying to work a lot on that at the moment 🙂 I can't wait to take the subscription and watch jake parker's course on environment design

    @Lauren M. I've discovered yesterday that my pens were waterproof ^^ well not entirely, it smeared a bit on some parts but it wasn't too bad though. I used a letraset pen. I definitely didn't use the right paper though, just basic office paper
    I'll experiment with the washes again, trying your tip of putting water first than the ink

  • Here's my day 3. I used a Tobow felt tip brush pen (actally 3 that's how quickly the tip wears down) and a prismacolor cool gray 30% for the background.Deep Sea Diver.jpg

  • My day 3 drawing for Inktober

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    Wow...just wow! Here's my day 3 drawing, got it done early so i can work on my 3rd thursday illustration heh.

  • I'm doing a story to get a little illustration parctice in along with my inking skills. This is my first year to attend, and I'm already having so much fun! Follow me on facebook, Instagram or twitter ( both @stinabmarie ) to see more! Happy Inktober Everyone!

  • that's great @Christina-Taylor-Brown . I love the effect with ink on that brown paper as well, what paper do you use?

  • Gotta love letterings and drawings on toned papers! ❤
    I wish those were more easy to find where I live...

    Here's my third Inktober entry. A character this time.

  • Thanks, @audrey-dowling! It's Strahmore's Toned tan paper. You can find it at your local craft or hobby store, or amazon!

    Here's the link

  • @audrey-dowling Awesome! Looking forward to seeing how it's all working out.

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    The picture came out a bit blurry, but I'm feeling lazy. This was my response to the prompt "ice planet," but it kinda looks more like a frozen tree. Ah, well. Its about trying new things anyway.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 8.07.30 PM.png

  • 1 ch.jpg ink2 ch.jpg ink3 ch.jpg

    Hope yo like it 🙂

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    Inktober Day Three. Eli, the 7th wielder of the Cytan Blade.

    Out of all the weapons forged using the diamonds from the Eastern Blue, ten are in a category all their own: the aptly called Legendary Blades. Created during the reign of the Old Kings, these ten blades all share shards from the same diamond, harvested from an ancient Eastern Blue named Cimetar; yet each has its own name and distinct properties depending on the wielder. Since then, weapons makers have tried to create blades of a similar caliber.

    Throughout history, a handful of fierce and skilled warriors have had the strength to wield these legendary weapons. And while some have been able to utilize these blades to a higher degree than others, none have been able to fully harness the power locked within.

    Only three of these blades are known to remain. One belongs to the descendants of Aelia and is being safeguarded somewhere under the grand halls of Castle Gaia. The other belongs to the descendants of Kane and is hidden within the Grey Mountains. The third has been reclaimed by the Eastern Blue Dragons.

    As for the others, there are rumors that a clandestine group called the Dark Covenant have access to four of the Legendary Blades. The last three have disappeared along with their wielders.

    Legendary Blade 72 dpi 1200x1200.jpg

  • Feeling a little under the weather. Argh.