A piece for a Magazine submission...Feedback please

  • HF1.jpg

    It's a hidden picture for children 4-6.

  • The picture is very cute and your colors excellent, though I think I would try and tighten up the drawing more. Make your shapes and forms neater. That way your picture will pop much more.

  • My kids do these sorts of pictures all the time, and I think the key is the the image needs to be filled with line work. The environment around the characters and the mushrooms needs to be filled with grass, sky, trees, etc. so that the kids really have to struggle to find the image. I'd maybe suggest pulling back from the color for now and really focus on building up the drawn image. I think it would make the composition pop more and then when you do add color, you wouldn't have to rely so much on the highlight lines for the colors.

  • Cheryl,
    I agree with the other posts. I'd remove the color for now and focus on composition. Not only do the items need to be hidden but the creatures and scene need to work as well. I suggest SVS's creative composition class. It helps to figure out where everything goes on the page. Secondly the poses of the animals are a little stiff and 'off'. Perhaps google images of people in these poses and draw a stick figure over them to see how the legs cross and such. After all that then get into color. Which for the most part is soft pastels until front and center is the black and red lady bug. Think of balancing the page with color as well.

    Over all it is a cute & simple piece which is appropriate for that age range. Keep pushing! You can do it!

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts.
    I've been trying to get back into the forum with no luck...
    I tried every password...well
    then I finally realized I signed in with Facebook...

    I haven't worked on this in a while...I had something else I needed to work on. I totally agree it needs more interest...

    thanks again.

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