New-to-me Cintiq problems

  • Just posting this question here, because I can't seem to find an answer on Google or through wacom support. So, I apologize if this seems like a silly question and thank you for helping if you can!!

    I am having issues with getting my Mac(It is currently updated to the new OS) to recognize my cintiq monitor, which I just purchased on eBay. It's a 2007 21ux model and I can connect it just fine, but it never shows up under the system preferences as a second display. Does this mean it will not work under programs such as Adobe and such or I'll have limited capabilities? And since it doesn't show up as a second display, I cannot change or check pixel info, etc.

    I'm a little confused - thank you for whatever help anyone can provide!

  • I don't know for sure what the deal is on older on older hardware, but do you have the drivers installed?

  • Is there a detect setting ? Like on a PC, old monitors usually need to be detected on a PC I don't use mac

  • I had a lot of problems with a display not recognized messages with windows.Make sure you have the latest Mac drivers from the website and reinstall.

  • AAron rutten has some videos on cintq and i found this

  • @jazeps-tenis I did install the latest and the next to the latest and got the same result, dang it....

  • @dottyp Thank you for the video link - I'm checking it out.....

  • @rcartwright I think there is....

  • Unhook the cintiq, go to system preferences >>> Users and groups >>> "+" sign

    Create a new used with admin rights. Log out and then log in with the newly created Admin.

    Hook up cintiq, and try it now.

    This narrows the problem down to the computer or a specific user account. If need be install the driver the again under the new user.

  • @jimsz Hey thanks, I will try it!

  • hey @Laurie - I had a similar problem in the last few weeks when I got a new cintiq 13HD.
    What it turned out to be was that I was connecting the hdmi plug into an hdmi port on my computer, but the hdmi port wasn't actually part of my graphics card (ie my graphic card only had display port and DVI ports on it and the existing HDMI port on the computer was extraneous to the graphics card). That meant I had to get an hdmi to displayport adapter to plug directly into the graphics card, and now it works perfectly! I'm on a pc and I know you are on a mac so you may not have this issue, but perhaps it gives you another idea to try?
    Fingers crossed you can get it working ok!!!

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