New member and question on pen size.

  • Hello all, I was inspired by inktober and some great artists to learn to draw. I am going through Jake Parker's How to Ink lessons and using my work on it for instagram. I just got to the lesson on Line Weight, were I am inking one of his sketches. In the example PDFs, it shows using some hashes with the technical pen to show off dark areas. I have some smaller nibbed pens and was wondering if it made sense to continue to draw with a larger pen, 0.5 copic multiliner, or move to something smaller for that hatching? Obviously this is not for production work, but learning to draw/ink, so I am not sure which approach would help me learn more.

    This is the image and some of my practice lines from an earlier exercise. I am really enjoying the pen work but hate the brush work.

    ![alt text](0_1508570889218_inktober_20.png image url)

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