Dream Portfolio (from the style lecture)

  • Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone else has decided to do the dream portfolio assignment? I thought it would be fun to see what other people were doing with it. I think I finally have mine to a place where I’m going to start doing studies from it. I guess I’m really into strong shape with minimal line, realistic (and often atmospheric) lighting, kind of dreamy colors, well-composed values, and visible texture? It really helps to see these all gathered together. I’m looking forward to experimenting with some of these 🙂


  • @Stephanie-Leonard, Thanks for posting yours. It's cool to see the common threads running through the art you've chosen. I'm definitely planning to do it. I've been thinking about it since I watched that lesson--I've just been tied up with Inktober. I would be interested in knowing how assembling the dream portfolio influences people's work. My style needs to be honed--or maybe reinvented. I'm hoping that this will help me define where I am going.

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