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  • Does anyone belong to a chapter of SCBWI that is not in there region or country? I live in eastern British Columbia but there are only two chapters in Canada and both are very long drives or costly flights. The chapters in northwest USA are much closer for me to travel to; do they allow you to join other regions?

  • You can go to whatever chapter you want. I live in an area with many chapters, and am able to hope around, and was told to do so.

  • @rcartwright Hello fellow British Columbian! And SCBWI Canada West-er 🙂
    Unfortunately I think you're just automatically in the designated region and in Canada, that means being part of one that covers a very broad area. But that doesn't mean you can't participate - if you're looking for an in-person critique group, for example and there isn't one in your area you can always volunteer to start one.
    Even though I live close to Vancouver, I find there isn't near as much going on with our chapter as the American ones have. It's just a matter of numbers though - even in the Vancouver area there's a minimal number of members.
    We're always invited to any of the regional conferences though in addition to the large ones - in April I think there was at least 10 of us British Columbians who went to the Western Washington conference in Redmund. And the Western Washington people let me join their facebook group so I get to see all their announcements - they do FAR more than we do in Canada, that's for sure. You'd be invited to any of the events that you're willing to travel to - whether in Canada or the States. You just can't change your "home" region, if that makes sense.

  • @eric-castleman Thanks for the info

  • @danettedraws Nice to meet another person from BC, Thanks for the information

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