Personal Project Gouache Painted

  • catopluckstudy027.jpg

    I'm trying out different mediums to see what I like. In some of my other work I use gouache so I tried it out with this little sketch. Its tough to figure out with gouache when to go so far and when it is too far.

  • Hey Nice, going. This is something I am working on, I love using this paint. I would try and be a bit braver, don't be afraid of overlaps with this medium, its great for fixing mistakes. Even after its dried, you can still work it.

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison Gouache is its own animal and because its water soluable I've mixed watercolors with it as well. I've done a watercolor wash and then gouache on top of that. You can also treat gouache like oils as well in the sense that you paint your lightest lights and darkest darks to start the painting. What is great about gouache is that you can reactive a layer underneath the layer your painting on and end up with some nice blending.

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