Fear factor- posting for a critque!

  • I decided to post a rough idea I'm working on for the "Worst Fear" prompt!
    This is VERY early, sorry it's so rough, but I don't want to do any refinements if the concept isn't working.0_1501783758814_fear.jpg

  • So the concept is 'fear of something in the forest?' I'd really up the fear-factor here! Perhaps make the character smaller and not in the middle of the image (lower left - diagonal to the eyes in the upper section). Angle the trees to create tension (vertial trees seem steady and secure) or have them be gnarly trees and 'claw' branches. That way when the shining creature eyes peek out from the depths of the forest it is intensified by the environment.

    Also is that a mist surrounding the character? Like it's engulfing him? Sort of cool like the mist is the first encounter before the spooky eyes come and eat you!

    I'd really need some more thumbs to give more critique here but at least you've started!

  • @Katrina-Fowler Thank you for the great input. I really like the idea of the gnarly trees and claw branches, and yes that is mist on the forest floor!

  • So I gave up on my earlier WIP and started a new concept.

    I tend to overwork my drawings, so I'm posting in hopes of getting some feedback before I get to the finishing stages.
    My new illustration is "The Fear of Broccoli" All critiques are appreciate. 0_1502736593734_Brush Tool.jpg Thanks.

  • Ha, ha, i heard once that broccoli is a not ripe cauliflower;) i love the impatient mothers leg, looks cool

  • What a fun concept! The only thing I'm seeing at this point, besides rendering details, is I think it might help to see the mom's hands on her hips somehow to illustrate her impatience more.

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