Freelance work while working full time

  • Hi Is anyone here working full time and doing freelance work on the side? How are you finding it?

    I feel like I am nearing the stage of looking for freelance jobs but feel a totally overwhelmed that I want to improve my artwork a lot more/ don't want to get in a situation where I let a client down because my day job takes over. I sometimes get sent away for a week with little warning. Because I have no formal art education I have been focused on just improving but I could do that forever as art is all about always improving!!!

    Is anyone else in a similar situation or have some experience in this?

    Also as another aside for people in the UK. Are any of you registered as a sole trader? I have read up a bit on it but not sure when I need to register. Would I need to do it before getting any freelance work? I don't make anything from my art at the moment so haven't worried about it.

    Thank you as ever for the great forum chats.

  • @sarahelliott489 I'm a sole trader in the UK. Best to register as soon as possible that way, you don't have to worry about it once you start trading.

  • Ok I will read up about being a sole trader and doing all the tax each year. Thanks.

  • I'm working as a freelance writer now and there are some advantages from this type of work. First, I don't need to be registered as a sole trader. Second, I manage my time as I want and there always lots of orders. So working with college papers online could be a good option as a freelance job. Previously I tried to work part time as a bartender, but that was really exhausting

  • @sarahelliott489 I should mention that the other option is to join an umbrella company. They handle all the tax paperwork, provide insurance and only take their cut when you log time against work.

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