What do you use to learn?

  • Just a general topic to start here. Aside from SVS, what books or online sources do you find the most helpful?

    I'm looking for a good book to teach me how to build my own characters and especially drawing emotions. Any suggestions out there?

  • What I tend to do with becoming a better is to pick a random magazine and draw one thing on each page, but you don't copy it, you draw / paint it in a different pose or position. This technique is very useful, as you only have a vague subject to pick. The challenge is because the magazine you choose can vary the subject matter, you still get to pick something on the page to draw. So if you want to improve drawing peoples emotions, and the only have a magazine about carts. You can still pick to draw the models, people from adverts to redraw. But Remember you don't copy, change the pose, draw an expression from a person, and put it on another character. Change their clothing pose. The more you vary the final subject the more likely you will improve your artist skills and imagination. Hope that helps.

  • Animation Techniques by Preston Blair is a good book. A suggestion I got from Lee was to try and recreate one image a month of artists that you admire.

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