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  • Hi all,
    Was working on this little guy as part of my submission for the treehouse contest, but not going to make it. However I do want to finish it, but am having some trouble with the pose. My idea is to have him looking somewhat apprehensive at the idea of a sword fight with his brothers, but I can't get the whole pose to look right. I'd like it to look as if he is reaching to be a part of the fight, but backing away in self defense, if that makes sense.
    Thanks in advance!
    alt text

  • I think looking at references could help a whole lot! And I also think having a line of action can be good so that the body and head can both be in a more dynamic pose, if of course you want that same pose. I think body language can also be a great way to show if he is hesitant. Maybe have him shaking to show fear? Expression as well can also indicate hesitance, maybe little sweat drops could indicate nervousness?

  • Hi @tombarrettillo hope you don't mind I had a go at posing your little pig. To me, maybe his body could have a bit more movement? Maybe something like these??0_1498815708837_IMG_0143.JPG

  • 0_1498815582579_afriad.jpg

    I drew a picture and here I indicated the line of action which is in red. It helps to give a character motion and structure! Here I had the line of action leaning away to indicate that he's leaning away as if he wants to avoid the fight but his sword and left leg is faced toward the opposite way to show that he still wants to fight. I think exaggerating a lot of the actions and pose can give a really good effect. His expression is very exaggerated, with his mouth open and his hand over it to show fear. He is sweating and is about to form tears. He is shaking as if struggling to move forward. Exaggerating is a good way to really show that the guy really is struggling! It is also more interesting to look at as well!

    I think all in all, having a line of action, using references for technical things and exaggerating for effect is all that is needed to make a good poses. I hope that helps!

  • @myss Sorry it doesn't look like the original character! I drew it in my style haha.

  • @gubhart That's perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. The top pose fits with where I want to go with the illustration, but will definitely keep the other for future reference. Thanks!

  • @myss Thanks for the help! Will keep your image for future reference as well.

    You know... I tried a line of action a few times, but just could not get what I was after. Even tried to find some reference, but I guess my keywords weren't clear enough for what I was after. Like both you and @gubhart show, having his shoulder up and a leg bent is the key here. Thanks, again!

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