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    @tessw I was thinking that too. I am just going to work on that running man again and see if I can improve upon it. One thing is I should probably do it when I'm not half asleep in the middle of the night 🙂 Ha! Thanks again!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen One of the things my teachers always emphasized what the value of those last-minute or half-conscious drawings. They may not be great technically but the tend to be way more creative or exciting than your studious full-focus ones, and thus can be tweaked to make something way more exciting than hours of wide-awake focus could ever do.

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    How's this look? Before I add the rest of the chickens...


  • This is a tough one. Don't kill me, but I went back to the first image, because I think the overall gesture was working better than this latest version. I tweaked his legs a little and added a shadow and motion lines.


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    @tessw I promise I won't kill you 🙂 Ha! Hmmm....I know his legs are still a bit funky but I kind of like this one. I might tweak the legs a bit more. Do you think the arms look better forward? It sounded like I was breaking the rules if I did that. I'll work on it and post again so you can tell me what you think. I appreciate your help Tessw. I would never kill you 🙂

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    I have a preference for the first one. I actually took some pictures of my son (which I don't know how to upload without posting them on facebook and I don't think he'd be happy with me if I did because there is a little plumber action going on 🙂 He posed as best he could without actually running. probably needs a little more tweaking her and ther but basically, I feel pretty good about this one right now. I need to go get ready for a camping I might not be able to do much more right now. Thanks for your input!



  • These latest versions are working much better! It's funny how tiny tweaks can make a big difference. That chicken is cracking me up, btw. Oh, and thanks for not killing me.

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    @tessw Your welcome 🙂 Thanks.

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    More tweaking..tweeking...isn't that a drug term? ha! Not doing that kind . I think this looks better. What do you think?

    @tessw 0_1498799946556_19693433_10212397411703887_8691009804069697386_o.jpg

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen iam joining at the end, as this was a difficult one;) i think the first version looks better, but it seems to me (could be totally wrong tho, as its just an instinct) that his right knee should be more to the right (at least pararel with his left arm) and his left feet needs to be bend (look at naked bum doll's feet;)

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    @aska I feel the best about this one. I don't know why but it feels like it is better aligned. I looked at my son's photo with his leg in running postion at this angle and that's where I got the leg postion from.....kind of reminds me of a super hero pose, except for the arms. Well, I am going camping for a few days and maybe something will come to me but, for now, I will leave it as is. Thank you for questioning me though. I'm often wrong about things 🙂 Maybe I will end up changing it back!

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    @aska Maybe the front foot should be turned out a bit though.........hmmm....

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