Purple Dragonfly award and similar award/review sites etc...

  • Hey there,

    This topic might stray outside of the normal area of writing and illustration... if so, please delete it mr/ms moderator.

    In a general sense, I hear that indie publishers spend a lot of money on all sorts of things that they might or might not actually need...

    In anyone's experience here, is it worth entering these award contest thingies? They all do cost money...

    If we also look at the wider review systems out there as well. Has anyone done this and have it benefit them in sales?


  • As far as I've heard from the people I've met, professional and otherwise, if you have to pay to make the art and someone else keeps the rights/gets the benefits, it's not worth it. So many of these companies use this system to exploit artists- I wouldn't even know how to begin figuring out what's legitimate and what isn't.

    You're better off, in my opinion, working on your own stuff, and sending out mailers/submissions.

    Bear in mind, I haven't had much luck with that route either so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

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