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  • Hi all!
    I was here long time many things hapened in my live... and after a year I begin to do something for myself, not only for my kids... So. The mum of two little children want to be an illustrator. I finally have fb-page
    Please, advise me what to do to become a children-book illustrator...

  • Hi Bernadette, Welcome back. The best advice someone gave me was, try your best, and practice a lot. Show people your art and ask for critique. People here on the forum are always willing to help. And of course @Lee-White 's video's and @Will-Terry 's video's will give you tuns of helpful information. Good luck on your journey!

  • Hi @bernadetta , no advice on this side but congrats on you facebook page! Love your bears looking at the night sky. You are is beautiful. Good luck! 🙂

  • The advice I get here in the US the most is make a book. Make a book from start to finish with at least one full color illustration (a spread) one, spot illustration and a color cover. the rest can be sketches. Then send that (and portfolio info) to the right publishers. The Publisher Marketplace (2017) is a great book for publishers in the US and submission guidelines.

    Another thing is to look at other successful artists out there and see what quality of work they're making and what subjects they're tackling and be aware that they are setting the bar. That's what you're aiming for. And, of course, read and study lots and lots of children's books.

    Taking classes like those offered on SVS and posting to the forums is a great way to get feedback and make sure you're heading in the right direction and focusing on the right things.


  • Beatiful illustrations:) Iam only a hobbyst illustrator, but somebody told me that a good way to be noticed is to take part in competitions. In Poland its for instance Jasnowidze from Dwie Siostry. Btw, iam Polish too:)

  • @aska I would say be careful with this. Contest are often a way for big companies to get free art without actually paying for it. So make sure that whatever piece you're making is something you own the rights to, something you can use in your portfolio, and that the prize is worth the effort. 🙂

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