Treehouse Ink Drawing and Time Lapse Video

  • Here is my Treehouse drawing. Also a time lapse video of me inking the drawing. I'll be posting the color final soon. Question: Is there a certain place in the forum that we should post finals? I'm glad the Third Thursday challenge is back!0_1498145360787_TreehouseLargeInk.jpg

    ![0_1498145148536_TreehouseLargeInk.jpg](Uploading 100%)
    Time Lapse Drawing Video

    Will, Thanks for the advice, I was able to adjust the image in Photoshop, I think it looks much better. Will continue to work on it this week. 🙂
    ![0_1498166890951_TreehouseLargebetterSMALL.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Awesome! Can you tell me a little bit about your process? How do you do your under drawing? Is it done freehand or do you transfer it?

  • @Misty-McKeithen

    I wasn't going to do a drawover on yours Misty because I know you're finished. I realize this probably isn't what you want to see/read right now. I'm taking a risk because improving is scary, frustrating, and not much fun sometimes. I hope you will see this as helpful.

    Please don't think you have to change what you've done - sometimes learning can take place on your next project.

    I love your tree house! - it's fun to see the different levels and I love the time and attention you gave this one. I see the major problem being that of perspective and it could be addressed in either moving the "camera" up or down. We can look down on the tree house but that means the base has to be more elliptical - or we can look straight at the base but then we would need to see under the upper platforms and roof - progressively seeing more sever angles. 0_1498153034167_1498145363905-treehouselargeink.jpg

  • @will-terry Will, Thanks a ton! I appreciate your input so much! I have to admit that I did cut corners a bit with this one and I already had the sketch done and was at the bottom of my paper when I realized I needed the base to be rounded out to match the angle of the tree house floors. I think I will go ahead and try to fix it digitally. Thanks for taking the time to do the draw-over. When I see yours it makes me want to add a third level, maybe smaller, just because odd numbers are better. Do you think that would be good? Maybe even a third animal, maybe a bird up top. Perspective should have been more of a priority to me to start with, but I did think that -being a home-made type thing it could be charming to leave it a little wonky. 🙂

  • @tessw Tess, I do my sketch freehand at my drawing table with a blue Colerase pencil (like Jake does ) and when I get it the way I like, I ink over it with a fountain pen and then do the thicker border with a .08 Micron pen. Then I scan and bring it into Photoshop for color (stay tuned) 🙂 I like to have a digital workspace and a totally seperate traditional media workspace and I move from one to the other and enjoy my time in the different spaces. I find it is beneficial to stay in the analog phase as long as possible, the initial sketch being the part that determines the quality of the whole piece. I'm hoping to change my digital work routine in the next year or two by switching to procreate on a tablet.

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  • @will-terry ![0_1498166737851_TreehouseLargebetterSMALL.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • @misty-mckeithen You're welcome - I'm so glad you were already on the same page. I still have to go back in and fix things often after I've finished my painting. We see these things later on... part of the deal right? Not sure if it will look good - try it on another layer?

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