perspective question.

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    I have a bench drawn. I don't have the points for it marked, I just drew it. Now I want to draw it from a diffeent angle. Maybe it's in 1 point perspective? I'm hoping I don't have to redraw the whole thing because it has a lot of details but.....

    Here is a sample of bench from the side (covered in a man and a bunch of chickens.


    Now, this is my attempt to show it from a different angle....


    Would love some tips and suggestions, Is it working or is it way off ? I know it's cut off on both ends excet for one little corner. I am not sure how long to make it, etc. I'm kind of redrawing and putting it in a vertical, rather than a horizontal format. Might have to redo everything but just seeing if I can work with what I have.

    Thanks for your eyes.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Lovely chickens, poor guy!
    When you work in perspective, use a horizon line and one or more vanishing points. When starting its best to use vanishing points all at the horizon line, that gives you an extra lint to hold on to.. When I look at the first sketch, the barrel has a different horizon line than the table. use the same vanishing point for both, it makes it better. Ive checked it for you, the tabel seems real small comparing to the barrel. Perhaps you better do a re-drawing? start with some thumbnails, I am sure it helps the comp. Good luck, hope it helps.


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    @leontine Very helpful! Thank you! Do we have any idea where the other point is? 🙂 I am going throughthe book, etc. so I hope I will learn but it doesn't seem to come very easily to me 🙂 I can't where the other point would be....Oh, it's just one that right? Maybe I should just have him lay on the ground.

  • @leontine I think it's supposed to be a bench and not a table, which is why the barrel is so large in comparison. . . but then that would make the bench seem really wide.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen In your first image, it appears you are using 1 point perspective. If it's 2 point, then your other vanishing point is very far away from the other vanishing point, because of how parallel those lines are.

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    @tessw Yes, it's a bench. Maybe I need to put it away for awhile and work on perspective and posing characters and creating environments..........some other stuff. 🙂 It's good to post on here so I can see what needs to be done. I think my project is bigger than I am right now 🙂

  • I did some draw-overs but for some reason the forum is not allowing me to post them. It says I don't have enough privileges to post them? Hmmm.

    You are on the right tract and I think the perspective you have down is 90% there, it just needs a bit of tweaking. In the first image, just narrow the bench so it doesn't look like a table. In the second it looks like it might be suffering from not "drawing through" I'm having a hard time describing it in words. I'll try to post the draw over later if it will let me.

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    @tessw Thanks Tess. I have been having problems with them allowing me to post too. Also, it shows messages but won't let me see them or says I don't have any.......hmmm....

  • Ok, I can upload images now, yay!
    In the first image, I would just make the bench narrower. I think you could even narrow it a bit more if you wanted.
    This version is based off of your first image, as far as placement of where you put his head and legs in relation to the bench.
    This next version is if you don't want the edge of the bench showing up by the edge of your paper

    It's pretty much just following the perspective you already had, just tweaking it a bit.

  • Looking at the first image again, the horizon line is probably too high, based on the fact that we are not looking down at the guy very much. If we lower the horizon line to correspond with the guy, then the perspective of the bench will change a bit and then we wouldn't be looking down at the barrel anymore, like Leontine drew in her example.

    I think you could have the bench either way and look fine for the style you are going for. Just something to think about.

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    @tessw Thank you! Those look so much better and it looks like I don't have to redo everything! Whew! I have a couple more on the bench that I might have to figure out so they match. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it.

  • if u have guide lines for persp or thinking about the forms while u drawing and always know where center lines/curves are, u will never need to ask about perspective 🙂

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    @linhb Yes. For some reason I seem to have a hard time visualizing this. I need to practice I think. I wonder if it has anything to do with my no sense of direction problem.....

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen It might simply be not enough practice. I remember being so intimidated by perspective that I wouldn't even try to study it for a long time. I thought that I just wasn't smart enough to get the concepts. I finally took the time to learn it. It really just does take practice. I'm still not perfect with it, but it has helped me so much. I want to share just a portion of the perspective study I've done, so you know it came with practice, and not just having a knack for it. Again, this is just a portion of what I've done because I didn't bother saving the more basic exercises I did of just drawing basic shapes in perspective.


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    @tessw Wow! Well, I believe you 🙂 I have been doing the perspective homework and pulled out my perpective made easy . I am looking forward to learning it better because I do see how helpful it can be! It will save me a lot of time too. I really want to finish my book so I can move on and hopefully I will get a little pespective practice too. Did you follow a book or the svs class assignments here? I have taken classes and done homework but it has been awhile and I did what was easiest back then 🙂 I remember drawing my studio. I did a pretty good job but it was empty at the time. The only "furniture-like" object I did was some boxes of flooring 🙂 I think the more difficult things are the organic objects in a composition. I will keep plugging away. Here's what I have done recently: (now that I can post again).


    0_1498545846107_19399415_1952318378386975_2248640187334248820_n (1).jpg

    0_1498545854187_19399109_1952318351720311_2986827306640419265_n (1).jpg

    0_1498545860866_19366514_1952318318386981_4648457164719192313_n (1).jpg

    0_1498545870728_19260603_1952318298386983_5946469347915046669_n (2).jpg

    I'll show you my drawings I've been working on (with the bench) when I get a littlle more done. I have been working on them and trying to get things "into perspective" 🙂

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen said in perspective question.:

    @linhb Yes. For some reason I seem to have a hard time visualizing this. I need to practice I think. Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I wonder if it has anything to do with my no sense of direction problem.....

    sorry i dont get what are u saying. i thought u ask about perspective 😃
    if u wanna redraw everything just use guide lines to help with perspective, or draw thru
    if u wanna ask about design think about why the chickens interesting in this guy( rice/worms all over his body, the chickens want to attack him, the chickens love him, they wanna wake him up to feed them, ect). And after you done design add more details on the guy and the chickens

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Those are great studies. Don't forget to learn about ellipses in perspective too.

    I studied perspective before signing up for SVS, but I did watch the course here. What I liked about the course here is that it kind of addresses the end result in that you won't always have to follow grids and do everything perfectly and you can fudge perspective for effect, once you get comfortable with it. Sometimes when you study perspective you wonder if it's always going to be such hard work, plotting everything out. I think the course here eases your mind I bit.

    I started with Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis and just copied all his perspective stuff, including the lighting section, which also deals with perspective. It was kind of overkill, but helped a lot in the end. Shortly after I worked through Perspective Made Easy and around the same time I did "constructive drawing" with How to Draw What You See. Then I did perspective and constructive drawing at Ctrl+Paint. Every once in a while, I'll do some perspective exercises just to brush up.

    It might take a bit for things to start gelling in your own work, but you just need to keep at it. Do lots of exercises and practice scenes with perspective in mind. Study it, take a nice break from it, study it again, take a break, rinse and repeat. Perspective will really make it so you can play around with your drawings and compositions a lot more and it helps with visualizing light and shading. It makes things a lot more enjoyable in the end.

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    So, here is what I have done. I just hope it works well enough. I don't expect to be published by some big company. I will publish some and sell to friends. If I ever get to the point that I feel I might have a chance otherwise (and once I can do more digitally) I might give a real publisher a chance but for now, I am learning.





  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen first and last ones are very cool:)

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    @aska Thanks. I guess teh middle ones aren't 🙂
    Maybe because they are uninteresting angles? I did the side view so I could get them all on with my limited ability but I didn't know that then..... I want him to be overcome with chickens and worn out. I am going to think about that. Thanks, Aska! I might need to challenge myself and practice more perspective! That will be good for me.

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