Class Suggestions for Anatomy/Character Design?

  • Hello! I have been lurking around SVS for a bit and I haven't really posted on the forums. So...hi there!

    I was wondering if anyone has taken Posing Characters or the Drawing Heroes classes. I would like to learn more about basic character anatomy and design. The Posing Characters sounds really good for learning the "bean" for posing characters which I do need help with. However it sounds like the Drawing Heroes class has more anatomy to it.

    I would like to get them both but I am not sure which one to start on first. I have also taken the Draw Everything class. That was a really good one! My drawings have improved so much since!

    By the way, here is my Instagram if you wanted to see some of my art: DreamValeStudios

  • Hi Arielle,
    Nice Insta account. I like the characters you have there.
    hmm, I took the class of "Posing Characters" and I found it really helpful.
    I didn't take the "Drawing Heroes" yet. I would start with the Posing Characters since it covers a larger base.
    Best of luck!

  • @Doha Thanks!

    I figured I am okay at making characters but have no idea how to pose them. Posing Characters class might be the better way to go! 🙂

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