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    I am open to bettering this. Any input. This is my #50. Based on the story by Peter Brown The Wild Robot. The part of the story is where a robot is asking how to take care of a gosling and the animals in the forest are looking on.

    Thanks for looking ya'll.

  • From a painting and design point of view I think you need to look at atmospheric perspective and textural scale, You have a foreground, mid ground and background but they all have similar values and levels of detail. As a story I'm not sure what the interaction between the duck and robot is. Is it friendly or a confrontation?

  • Fun illustration! I would consider darkening the bears a bit and lightening the deer and the magpies to balance the piece a bit and give a better sense of space. I would also consider how you design the robot's face. I like the over all design, but think it could look a bit more mechanical, especially since a lot of the animal's faces have a mechanical, angular look to them. Maybe something like this . . .

    I love your stylization of everything. Very appealing!

  • @Chris-Perry Hi Chris, Thanks for posting! I thought I would give you a few thoughts and I hope you don't mind 🙂 ...1st of all you created a really fun image with a strong focal point and lots of complexity - perfectly inline with the #draw50things challenge! It's really hard to do with lots of animals and I can tell you worked long and hard on this one.

    A few things to think about:

    1. The geometrical figures are your signature style as I've been following your work for a while - but I wonder if it is sending the right message to viewers who are seeing them for the first time? It goes back and forth between a mechanical world and the real world as the landscape and foliage seems more natural...and some of the animals are more geometric than others. I think if you want to pull this off you have to go all in or not at all.

    2. If you separate your foreground, middle ground, and background with light values in the back - working to dark values in the foreground you will be more successful in creating depth.

    3. Some objects are separated with dark black lines and other planes are separated by value only - I think you should work to make these more consistent either way.

    Great work Chris!![0_1497974804283_45754r6urujr.JPG](Uploading 100%) ![0_1497974874126_45754r6urujr.JPG](Uploading 100%) 0_1497974902443_43q764657467647.jpg 0_1497974927552_e24a0c4637706c1e0ac067d3894ae203.jpg

  • @will-terry thanks for the critique. So honored you took the time. Can you tell me how you created that soft background? It looks like a Seurat painting.

  • @tessw Thanks for the crit. I will get to fixing the lighting. I like the addition to the robots face.

  • @rcartwright thanks for the reminder. I will get on it. I should have put the piece down for a week then finished it. I was focusing on the other elements of the #50.

  • 0_1498252501297_WIld Robot FInal web.jpg Thank you Will, Tess W, and Rcartwright for your input.

  • @tessw 0_1498252592236_WIld Robot FInal web.jpg Thanks for your suggestions.

  • @chris-perry Thanks for up-voting me Will. Thanks for all the views SVS Learn. Spoiler alert... I created another #50. This time with @circus and an elephant with evil step sisters.

  • @chris-perry said in WIP #50:

    @chris-perry Thanks for up-voting me Will. Thanks for all the views SVS Learn. Spoiler alert... I created another #50. This time with @circus and an elephant with evil step sisters.

    Sounds exciting!

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